a Roaster 106 for cocoa beans, nuts and coffee
Roasting Machinery. Roaster for coffee, dried fruit and chocolate: Roaster 106

Roaster for cocoa beans, nuts and coffee


Selmi’s professional Roaster 106 has been designed to integrate within a continuous cycle automated production system. This roaster has a tank capacity of 6 Kg and a production capacity of 40 Kg/h of coffee or dried fruit.
The roaster is equipped with the innovative and exclusive Vertiflow roasting system (patented by Selmi), ideal for the professional roasting of products such as coffee, hazelnuts, almonds and pistachios.
A temperature probe located at the heart of the product allows for the control programs to regulate the air temperature used for roasting and hence identify and control the correct roasting point, cooling point and the best time for the discharge of the roasted product.
Another characteristic of the Selmi professional Roaster 106 is the possibility to personalise the programs in order to standardise production by choosing the desired roasting level.

New feature: column filters for both the roasting and cooling fumes; this increases efficiency and accessibility
Exit points of fumes for roasting and cooling are in close proximity of each other
Added product extraction cylinder to test the quality of the product from the roasting chamber during processing
Improved noise reduction of the roasting blower
Knob for the emergency manual discharge of the product being roasted
Added inspection window of the cooling chamber

Technical data:
Electrical specifications: 400V three phase 50 Hz
Required power: 20 kW – 32 A – 5 poles
Loading hopper maximum capacity: 6 kg
Roasting time: 15-18 min. for coffee; 10-12 min. for nuts; .20-40 min. for cocoa beans
Dimensions: H 1610 mm, W 840 mm, D 1120 mm

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Selmi Roasting Machinery

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Machinery and equipment for the roasting of coffee, dried fruit and cocoa beans


Roaster accessories 106

The Roaster Roughing Smoke Cooler Filter allows you to drain the cooling fumes into the laboratory and collect any dust inside a drawer.

2.000,00 €

Roaster Roughing Smoke Cooler Filter  106