tostatrici professionali per caffè, frutta secca e cioccolato Selmi. Roaster 120

Roaster for cocoa beans, nuts and coffee


Roaster Centoventi was designed to work on a continuous cycle of automatic processing, it has a tank capacity of 20/25Kg and has the ability to roast 50Kg of coffee or nuts per hour.
It uses an original and exclusive air cyclone system (vertiflow® patent) which has a temperature sensor at the heart of the product.
It is particularly versatile for the roasting of coffee, hazelnuts, almonds, pistachios and any other appropriate product….
The machine has a number of programs which control the heating temperature, the roasting time, the cooling time and the final automatic discharge of the products.
The programs can be personalised to obtain the desired grade of roasting time after time.

Suction system for filling hopper
Roasting by means of a unique patented Vertiflow ®air system
Cooling system, touch screen display
Container for collecting fruit husk
Sistema di raffreddamento
Display touch screen
Aspiration system that allows you to quickly and easily load 20 kg of product
External ventilated tank for product cooling
Peel collecting tray integrated in the machine (extractable)
Option to modify to three-phase 220 V - 50/60 Hz
Needs to be connected to a compressed air source

Technical data:
Electrical specification: 400 V three phase 50 Hz
Power required: 35 Kw - 64 A - 5 poles
Max roasting capacity: 20 Kg
Roasting time: 22-25 min. for coffee; 18-20 min. for nuts; 25-30 min. for cocoa beans
Dimensions: h. 2250 mm, w. 1200 mm, d. 1750 mm

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Selmi Roasting Machinery

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selmi. Macchine per la produzione e la lavorazione del cioccolato.


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Специальный Фильтр охладителя дымохода с обжиговой сеткой позволяет сливать охлаждающие пары в лабораторию и собирать пыль внутри ящика.

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