roaster 102

Roaster for cocoa beans, nuts and coffee


Roaster Centodue is a coffee roaster equipped with the Selmi patented Vertiflow System which, via the injection of a temperature controlled air flow into the lower part of the holding chamber, causes the product contained therein to become a heat conductor.
This system makes this roaster ideal for the professional roasting of hazelnuts, almonds, pistachios, barley, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, single origin cocoa beans, coffee, etc…
The roaster has a various number of programs which regulate the air temperature used for roasting via a sensor placed at the heart of the product so as to identify the right cooking point as well as the cooling point and the right time to discharge the roasted product. The programs can be personalised so as to obtain the desired roasting level time after time.

Roasting by means of a unique patented Vertiflow ®air system
Cooling system
Display touch screen
Container for collecting fruit husk
External ventilated tank for product cooling (less than 3 minutes required for 2,5 Kg of product)
Integrated peel collecting tray (extractable)
Option to modify to three-phase 220 V - 50/60 Hz
Needs to be connected to a compressed air source

Technical data:
Electrical specification: 400 V three phase 50 Hz
Power required: 15 Kw - 16 A - 5 poles
Max roasting capacity: 2 Kg
Roasting time:12-15 min. for coffee; 5-7 min. for nuts; 20-40 min. for cocoa beans
Dimensions: h. 1450 mm, w. 550 mm, d. 950 mm, w. 900 (tray open)

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Selmi Roasting Machinery

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Machinery and equipment for the roasting of coffee, dried fruit and cocoa beans


Roaster accessories 102

The Roaster Roughing Smoke Cooler Filter allows you to drain the cooling fumes into the laboratory and collect any dust inside a drawer.

2.000,00 €

Roaster Roughing Smoke Cooler Filter  102